Findings homes for pets

Findings homes for pets

The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive®, active in 28 countries, is our platform for educating consumers about the benefits of adoption and helps make the world better for pets by finding homes for the millions of dogs that end up in animal shelters each year.

The annual campaign helps shine a spotlight on the plight of homeless dogs. With only half of those dogs making it out of shelters, it is our responsibility to raise awareness and money to support the good work of shelters and rescues that do so much to care for homeless pets.

In 2010, Mars Petcare U.S. donated more than $6 million worth of in-kind gifts such as coupons and products as well as money to shelters and other pet-related nonprofits in our communities.

Read more about the PEDIGREE Foundation [Link: Associates>Associates in our communities]

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